About Vanquish


Vanquish Advances RF Technology

  • The largest treatment area in the industry
  • Reach therapeutic temperature fastest to desired depth of heating
  • The Vanquish uses newly developed Selective RF™
  • Operator Independent
  • No disposable costs 


Clinically Tested

  • Supported by extensive research
  • Safe to body organs proven by biochemical testing
  • Clinically tested both in vivo and in vitro


BTL Vanquish ME™_Press Release

BTL Aesthetics Continues to Set the Standard in Body Contouring Treatment

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Features & Benefits



  • The Selective Field RF
  • Proven and patented technology
  • Short focused sessions
  • Operator Independent operation
  • No disposable costs


   with Impedence Control

The installed Impedence control software, the energy flow and automatically eliminates energy peaks.  This process is known as the Square ("Flat Top") Spectrum Energy Profiling and is a unique feature of Vanquish high frequency therapy.  Vanquish ensures uniform energy distribution - allowing safer, faster and more efficient therapy.

 Thermal Imaging of Treatment Zone


- Reach Therapeutic Thermal Temperature rapidly 
- Deliver more Energy over shorter time period 
- System Intelligence eliminates energy peaks preventing discomfort


- Comfortable treatments with no anesthesia 
- No downtime 
- Fast, efficient treatment 
- Incremental, lasting and measurable results 
- Excellent results in 4 session or less 
- Largest treatment area


- Advanced non-invasive treatment system now affordable to you and your clients 
- Innovative treatment modality 
- Short treatment times, best for patient and practice 
- Treatment is easily delegated to authorized personnel 
- Rapid return on investment